Does Every Trick Need a Gospel Message?

This no longer seems to be a controversial issue among gospel magicians, but there was a time when it was a major concern. In times past one regional conference of the Fellowship Of Christian Magicians even made a rule about it. They said, “No one will be allowed to lecture at our conference unless his tricks involve biblical lessons.” This excluded Christian magicians, who specialize in good clean entertainment, from being presenters at their events.

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The Significance of Showmanship (By Duane Laflin)

What is the secret to getting repeat bookings? What is the secret to getting referrals that result in many more shows? What is the secret to having audiences wonderfully excited about the opportunity to experience your performance? What is the secret to long term success as a variety arts entertainer? What is the secret to getting sincere and enthusiastic applause, and even cheers and occasional standing ovations, in response to your shows? Consider Taylor Hicks,

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Here is a Routine for You!

This belongs in the category of “dusting off forgotten treasures.”  I certainly did not invent this trick, nor did I create the routine. I am offering my way of doing a thing that I learned from others. In particular, Hank Moorehouse, was a person whom I saw use this trick many times.  Hank had a great knowledge of magic and showmanship.  He was also extremely practical.  He liked this trick and encouraged other magicians to

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How's Your Energy?

My biggest concern in structuring a show is how it will “feel."  By way of observation and experience I am convinced that even great tricks become unappreciated if they are used at the wrong time and place in a show.  Every trick and routine must be analyzed in light of the energy associated with it, and in light of the energy that was previous to it. It is vital to understand that a show is not

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Routine for You: Giant Three Card Monte

  This is another routine that fits the category of “professional presentation.”  It involves a prop that is comparatively expensive ($159.00), yet, in light of the value it offers for those who truly want to work with their magic, it is a bargain. Even those who do not do many shows will find the prop to be a great value (if it fits the budget).  It allows for an entertaining routine that is amazing and

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Don't Fall in Love with Your Babies

  Forgive the title of this article.  If applied to daily life and family, it certainly is bad advice.  However, when used to point out an important concept relating to show business, it can be extremely helpful.  Performers tend to have babies.  This means they have a trick, joke, idea or routine that they bring into their performance with passion.  They are excited about it.  It is likely to be something that is original to

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Routine for You: Reflect

  The cost of props is a concern to me. I realize that many readers are not professional performers and therefore must be extra careful about what they spend on magic.  It is a hobby, not a job, so they spend what we used to call “mad money” on their magic.  In other words, it is money they have designated for fun. Such money only exists if they happen to have funds left over after

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The School Show

  During the off-season of our Grand Magic illusion show we do a variety of other programs, including shows for public schools. It seems our school programs are effective.  We enjoy doing them and response from administrators is affirming. We are almost always invited back again. As well, we normally are immediately recommended to other schools in the region.  When we have time for it, there does not seem to be any problem in getting

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What is Your Image?

  Did you know there is such a thing as a celebrity stylist? This is someone who advises a famous person about fashion trends, clothing styles, colors and make-up.   Essentially the stylist helps the celebrity create his or her personal “look.” This individual may be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to work with one celebrity, helping him or her make choices about what to wear, how to style hair, and overall appearance. Movie

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Routine for You: Mouse to Cheese

  Every now and then I find myself baffled by response to a new idea.  There are times when something I think is terrific gets a weaker reception than I expect. There are other times when reception is much stronger than I expect. This Mouse To Cheese routine fits the later category. I demonstrated it on our recent tour and basically only used it as a gag to introduce another routine. To my surprise, this

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