Make a Production Out of Using Silks and Streamers

A few years ago in one of our shows, I dug out a prop I had not used for several years.  It is a production box, called the “Hank Box,” made by Joe Eddie Fairchild.  It allows for a huge production of silks.  We created a presentation, using that prop, that played extremely well.  In fact, it may have been one of the most impressive features in the show. The key to using a prop

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Listen to the Music (When Planning Your Show)

A few weeks ago I put together a show for a new venue. I was to present an hour of magical entertainment to guests at a resort. In preparing the show I sat down, as I usually do, and wrote out a possible running order.  Based on things I have done in the past, while guided by the desire to try a few new things, I put together a plan that looked good to me.

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What Audiences Want

As this article begins I must admit frustration. While researching a speech for musicians, I came across a fascinating blog written by a man who coaches country singers on how to put on a great concert. I copied a statement from the blog and moved on with my research. Later, when reviewing the copied statement, I decided I should learn more about the man who made it. For reasons I cannot figure out, I was

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Gospel Routine for the Square Circle Effect

The Square Circle trick is a great trick…if handled properly. When not handled properly it can be pitiful. I encourage gospel magicians to use the Square Circle, but also challenge us all to make sure we know how to use it well. Rather than about proper handling, this article is about the use of the prop in presenting a gospel lesson.  If you want to learn more about proper handling, it is one of the

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Is It Time to Go Full Time?

Not long ago I came across a Facebook post, made by a gospel magician, that went something like this… “I recently lost my job. This led me think it may be time for me to go full time with my performing. I’ve been doing magic in my hometown area for quite a while. It might be time for me to go to the next level.  Pray for me as I make this decision.” I have

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It Is Not Just About the Music (Magicians, this applies to you too!)

In preparing for my speech at the recent gathering of the BGSSA (Branson Gospel Singers Songwriters Association) I came across a fascinating study. It had to do with the visual versus audio aspects of performance. Although primarily a lesson for musicians, it is something to which magicians and variety entertainers should give attention. A Social Psychologist of University College London, reporting in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shared findings showing people are

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10 Things for Gospel Magicians to Consider in the 21st Century (By Duane Laflin)

Almost everyone has heard this common definition of insanity: Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing, in the same way, while expecting different results. Strangely enough, although almost everyone has heard the definition, rarely does anyone think it applies to themselves. Many understand the need to change in order to achieve different results. Few seem to think they personally must change, in order to make things different or better. I’ve seen it often

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Does Every Trick Need a Gospel Message?

This no longer seems to be a controversial issue among gospel magicians, but there was a time when it was a major concern. In times past one regional conference of the Fellowship Of Christian Magicians even made a rule about it. They said, “No one will be allowed to lecture at our conference unless his tricks involve biblical lessons.” This excluded Christian magicians, who specialize in good clean entertainment, from being presenters at their events.

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The Significance of Showmanship (By Duane Laflin)

What is the secret to getting repeat bookings? What is the secret to getting referrals that result in many more shows? What is the secret to having audiences wonderfully excited about the opportunity to experience your performance? What is the secret to long term success as a variety arts entertainer? What is the secret to getting sincere and enthusiastic applause, and even cheers and occasional standing ovations, in response to your shows? Consider Taylor Hicks,

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Here is a Routine for You!

This belongs in the category of “dusting off forgotten treasures.”  I certainly did not invent this trick, nor did I create the routine. I am offering my way of doing a thing that I learned from others. In particular, Hank Moorehouse, was a person whom I saw use this trick many times.  Hank had a great knowledge of magic and showmanship.  He was also extremely practical.  He liked this trick and encouraged other magicians to

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