Do You Really Want to Say That?

Recently I was preparing for an upcoming lecture and considered a magic routine I particularly like. I thought, Maybe I should share this in the lecture and explain how it is done. The next thought to come to my mind was, “No, there is no point in showing it because it is too hard to learn. Most of the people in the lecture won’t be interested because of the degree of difficulty.” This awareness bothered me. It

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Step It Up!

While doing internet research I came across an interesting article written for those who have their own bands. The author is Evan Zwisler, a New York City based musician. He writes for Soundfly, which is a web publication focused on the modern music scene. The article was written for performers who already have some success. The intent was to help them achieve more success. This premise immediately caught my attention. What do you say to performers who are

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Let's Give the Ball a Round of Applause?

What do you say at the end of a magic trick? I am tempted to say “I am amazed at how many magicians do not seem to have thought through to the final words they will use in a routine,” but I actually am not amazed. It took me years to become personally aware of this same issue. When I was younger, and less experienced in magic, my focus was on doing a trick properly and

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The #1 Positive and the #1 Negative Church Trends

Every church, and every church leader, faces challenges.  Often we believe that if we were in a different size church, a different denomination, or worked with a different demographic our problems would go away.  As illusionists, we wish we could make all of your church problems disappear.  Unfortunately, we just do illusions - not miracles.  :)  However, we can reassure you that many of the challenges that you face in your church are the same

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Are You Having Any Fun?

Here is something about me that few people know. In fact, about the only people who would know this are those who have worked with me in a big show. Before all my secular stage shows, in my pre-show music, about seven minutes before the show is to start, I always play the song, “Are You Having Any Fun?” (The version sung by Tony Bennet in duet with Elvis Costello.) The song is played at

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I Learned Because I Listened

If you are a magician, here are some names you should know.  If you are not familiar with the work of these performers, it is to your loss. They all were, or yet are, treasure troves of magical knowledge and information. Ali Bongo. Karrell Fox. Jay Marshall. Billy McComb. Warren Stephens. Pavel. Trevor Lewis. Hank Moorehouse. Marvyn Roy. Johnny Thompson. Fukai. Jupiter. Fantasio. Norm Nielsen. Shimada. Why this particular list of names? Because, relating to them,

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I just returned home from the annual convention of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. While there I was interviewed by Matthew Hill, the new owner of the Dock Haley Magic Company, about my life as a gospel magician and about my thoughts concerning gospel magic in general. During the course of the interview I was asked a question that caught me by surprise. Matthew said, “What about gospel magic annoys you?” The word “annoy” means

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Simple Ideas, but Kid Show Gold

In context of a magic show, I have a strong opinions about how children who come on stage as volunteers should be treated. Fundamentally I believe every helper should be a hero. Every child assistant should be shown great appreciation and respect. I do not think a child should ever be made to feel uncomfortable, nor do I believe in making jokes at a child’s expense. Over the years I have developed a variety of

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Just Getting Started in Magic?

I have heard it a number of times over the years and every time I hear it I feel bad.  It is when someone says,  “Oh, I tried magic, but gave up on it. I just couldn’t do it.” That statement troubles me for two reasons. First of all, I’m sorry to learn that a person has given up on the fun and wonder magic can provide. Second, I am peeved that the person probably

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Make a Production Out of Using Silks and Streamers

A few years ago in one of our shows, I dug out a prop I had not used for several years.  It is a production box, called the “Hank Box,” made by Joe Eddie Fairchild.  It allows for a huge production of silks.  We created a presentation, using that prop, that played extremely well.  In fact, it may have been one of the most impressive features in the show. The key to using a prop

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