Amazing Gospel Magic Download (Laflin Creation)




"Amazing Gospel Magic"  by Duane Laflin  April 1992


Chapter one:  "Guilt Is Gone!"

Chapter two : "I John 1:9"

Chapter three:  "Come Again Silks"

Chapter four:  "Tripleoon - Three Options Concerning  Jesus Christ"

Chapter five:  "A Good Message For The Gozinta Boxes"

Chapter six:  "Color Changing Ball To square"

Chapter seven:  "Gospel Routine For Soft Soap"

Chapter eight:  "Silk Poke Streamer"

Chapter nine:  "Chain Welding - Who Is Most Important

Chapter ten:  "A Flag Blendo Idea"

Chapter eleven:  "Sin Is Red"

Chapter twelve:  "Seeing The Future"

Chapter thirteen:  "A New Warmup Idea"

Chapter fourteen:  "Mental Epic"

Chapter fifteen:  "Are All Religions The Same?"

Chapter sixteen:  "What's Right With The Church?"

Chapter seventeen:  "Illustration For The Floating Lady"

Chapter eighteen:  "Illustration For The Cut And Restored Rope"

Final Note

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