Character and Kingdom Download (Laflin Creation)




Character and Kingdom is written by David and Teesha Laflin.  It contains two different lessons for 10 different tricks (20 total lessons).  For each trick there is a "Character" Lesson for school show and similar events, as well as a "Kingdom" lesson for church and gospel related events.

Table of Contents

Preface  5

Introduction  7

Chapter 1  Rainbow Kettle 9

Chapter 2  Bongo Hat 15

Chapter 3  Block Thru Brick 25

Chapter 4  Beads Apart 31

Chapter 5  Double Nails Thru Balloon 37

Chapter 6  Flower Bag 43

Chapter 7  Nesting Boxes 49

Chapter 8  Sweet Transformation 63

Chapter 9  Miracle Bubbles 69

Chapter 10  Dream Necklace 75

About David and Teesha 83


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