Christmas Magic Download (Laflin Creation)


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CHRISTMAS MAGIC features both gospel Christmas lessons as well as tricks "just for fun!".   Many of the tricks are very easy to make.  The book also includes a bonus section a Christmas Magic Show for both fun and entertainment purposes as well as one for gospel shows.



Page 4 Chapter one - Christmas Fun

Page 11 Chapter two - A Joke.. No-el

Page 12 Chapter three - Direction Arrow Santa Claus

Page 16 Chapter four - Harmony

Page 22 Chapter five - How To Bake A Snowman

Page 24 Chapter six - Tom And Restored Christmas Message

Page 28 Chapter seven - Another Way To Say, "Merry Christmas"

Page 30 Chapter eight - It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

Page 34 Chapter nine - Ideas

Page 37 Chapter ten - A Large Illusion

Page 38 Chapter eleven - Contribution by Yona B. Chock

Page 39 Special Feature - Krystal's Christmas Show

See Page 80 for the format of a "Christmas Magic Show" featuring fun and entertainment



Page 44 Chapter twelve - The Reason For The Season

Page 51 Chapter thirteen - A Lesson With The Strat-O-Spheres

Page 54 Chapter fourteen - Happy Birthday Jesus

Page 56 Chapter fifteen - Christmas Lesson With A Blendo Effect

Page 59 Chapter sixteen - God's Plan For Saving The World - Isaiah 9:6

Page 64 Chapter seventeen - Who Is Real?

Page 66 Chapter eighteen - Presence or Presents?

Page 67 Chapter nineteen - What Do You Need For Christmas?

Page 71 Chapter Twenty - Do You Know The Answer?

Page 76 Chapter twenty one -Making Christmas Happen Again In You!

Page 80 Format for Christmas Magic Show - Fun and Entertainment

Page 81 Format for Christmas Magic Show - Gospel


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