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- Introduction
- Sources
- How To Use The Book

1. Two Warmups
2. Questions That Are Hard To Answer
3. You Know It Is A Small Town When
4. How To Handle Stress
5. You Know You Need To Diet When
6. Ten Ways To Waste Time
7. You Know You Are Getting Old When
8. The Big Lie
9. Traits Of A Real Daddy
10. A Dumbbell Is
11. An Egotist Is
12. Reasons For Hanging On To Junk
13. You Know You Are In Trouble When
14. Excuses For Being Late
15. Excuses For Missing School A Budget
16. Useless Information
17. Terms For Being Crazy
18. The Optimist
19. The Pessimist
20. Advice
21. Losing Weight
22. You Know Your Marriage Is In Trouble When
23. Going To Heaven
24. Moron Jokes
25. A Wimp
26. Hen Pecked Husbands And Rooster Bitten Wives
27. Love Is
28. Outrageous Song Titles

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