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Creative Illusions For Ministry features ten amazing illusions that are simple to do, yet present a powerful message. Illusions are an incredible teaching tool. They provide a method of reaching your audience in a captivating way that they will not soon forget. Every lesson and effect in this book is explained in detail, along with several helpful hints. In addition, a complete word for word lesson is given for each illustration.

Effects include:
The Wonder Bubble (One Thing That Lasts)
Color Changing Ball To Square (Quicker Than the Eye)
Bongo Hat (Temptation)
Change Bag & Happy Clown Silk Set (The Words We Speak)
Daniel and The Lions (God Is In Control)
The Stiff Rope (The Way to Heaven)
Caterpillar to Butterfly with Frame (Be Transformed!)
Cross and Cubes (What Will You Choose?)
Traffic Light Trick (Who Can Go?)
Tear Apart Bag (Caught Up With Jesus)

About the author: David and Teesha Laflin are illusionists with a passion for ministry: Thousands of people have been impacted by their unique and creative way of presenting the message of Jesus Christ through the art of illusion.

Paperback: 40 pages
Copyright: David and Teesha Laflin (2014)

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