Exciting Gospel Magic Download (Laflin Creation)




"Exciting Gospel Magic"  by Duane Laflin

Chapter one: "Good Plus Bad Equals Death"  (Page 1) (silk poke, skull and crossbones, empty box, butterfly silk, can be done with change bag)

Chapter two: "Gospel Application For The Water Suspension" (Page 5) (water suspension)

Chapter three: "Religion Or Salvation?" (Page 9) (stiff rope)

Chapter four: "The Mark Of A Disciple" (Page 12) (A lesson on love with a production from a folder and a trick involving 12 cards)

Chapter five: "Egg To Silk" (Page 19) (fake egg, silk, real egg)

Chapter six: "4 - 40 - 80 Who Goes To Heaven?" (Page 24) (silkola, popcorn dye box)

Chapter seven: "Something - Nothing - Illusion" (Page 28) (four big cards)

Chapter eight: "Spelling Bee Gospel Style" (Page 31) (spelling bee trick)

Chapter nine: "Jesus Lives Paper Tear" (Page 34) (a paper tear)

Chapter ten: "The Enchanted Hanger" (page 36) (a trick with a gimmicked hanger, jokes)

Chapter eleven: "Genii Tube" (Page 39) (outside looks good - inside dark and empty)

Chapter fourteen: "Cylinder Of Plenty" (Page 50) (Two lessons - one Romans 6:23, the other on the unity of the Bible).

Chapter fifteen: "Should Every Trick Have A Gospel Message?" (Page 54)


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