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Introduction: Seven Ways To Find a Message and Magic Connection...

This lecture was born out of a question. By those who enjoy Gospel Magic, I found myseif being asked,  "How do you find Gospel Magic applications for magic tricks?"

Although it was not verbally expressed, I felt there was the thought behind the question that possibly I had discovered some sort of secret formula that made it easy for me to see how tricks can be combined with truth. In other words, had I found the "Open Sesame" of Gospel magic?

Remember the fictional! story of ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES? In that story there is a treasure cave which cannot be opened unless a person knows the "magic words". He must stand before the cave and declare "Open Sesame".  If he does this, a world of beautiful and valuable things opens up.

Does a Gospel Magician need something like that? Is there a special secret to finding wonderful connections between magic tricks and spiritual lessons? Is there an easy way to create Gospel Magic routines?

The answer is "No".  Although this lecture is called "The Gospel Magician's Open Sesame", there really is no "Open Sesame" for us to use.   However, there are key concepts that we can apply.  There are techniques that make it possible to "open the door" that leads to a worthwhile and powerful marriage of message concept and magic trick.  The concepts don't work like magic, but when we put them all together we might still refer to them as our "Open Sesame" because they are tools that can make the way to grand discoveries.  In this lecture, Duane explains and illustrates seven ways to develop Gospel Magic routines.   The seven ways are identified on the following list:

#1. The Edison Method

#2. Key Word Connection

#3. Message Assignment

#4. Complete Category Scan

#5. Concept Matching

#6. Mapping Out Action

#7. Identifying and Analyzing Effect

Are these the only ways or keys to developing Gospel Magic routines?  I don't think so.  Yet they are the seven methods that I use and the answer I have been able to give so far when asked the question, "How do you find Gospel applications for Magic Tricks?"


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