Magic Christmas Picture : LAST ONE!


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1 in stock

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NOTE:  We only have one of these left with no plans to restock!

Turn any child in your audience into a magical artist with this super easy to perform trick!

A black and white drawing of a rooftop with reindeer pulling an empty sleigh is shown. A volunteer from the audience chooses several different crayons and writes his name on the sign in front of the house. Then, the volunteer colors in the reindeer's nose and adds a little smoke coming out of the chimney. The assistant then holds the picture while everyone says the magic words. When the picture is turned around, Santa is in the sleigh and it's full of presents! There is even a Christmas tree and everything is colored in! The picture is then given to the child as a souvenir.

Resets instantly.  20 refills included!

11" x 8.5"

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