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Page 1  Welcome

Page 2  Chapter One: Sad Happy Clown

Page 5  Chapter Two: Key To Happiness

Page 9  Chapter Three: Let's Save The Clown  (Frowner gang - self esteem message)

Page 11 Chapter Four: Recipe For Happiness

Page 13  Chapter Five: Would You Like To Be A Caterpillar?

Page 15  Chapter Six: Comedy Routine With Caterpillar And Butterfly Silks

Page 16  Chapter Seven: A Lesson On Self-Esteem (Butterfly Story)

Page 20  Chapter Eight: Anti-Drug Lesson With Bongo Hat

Page 23  Chapter Nine: Sponge Ball Count Routine

Page 27  Chapter Ten: Mad, Glad, Sad, Been Had!

Page 30  Chapter Eleven: Can You Make An Elephant Disappear?

Page 33  Chapter Twelve: How 1 Do Fraidy Cat Rabbit

Page 36  Chapter Thirteen: My Pet Flea

Page 40  Chapter Fourteen: My Pet Rope

Page 42  Chapter Fifteen: Drinking plus Driving Equals Death

Page 46  Chapter Sixteen: Ideas For The Spelling Bee

Page 48  Chapter Seventeen: How 1 Do The Mis-Made Flag

Page 52  Chapter Eighteen: Is There Magic In The Air?

Page 57  Chapter Nineteen: Christmas Fun

Page 62  Chapter Twenty: The Reason For The Season


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