Meaningful Gospel Magic Download (Laflin Creation)




"Meaningful Gospel Magic"  by Duane Laflin  April 1994


Chapter One: Anti-Alcohol Message with the Multiplying Bottles

Chapter Two: "Tickled To Life" A warmup

Chapter Three: Sponge Ball Count

Chapter Four: Bongo Hat Drug Routine

Chapter Five: Bongo Hat Gospel Routine

Chapter Six: Coin Tray Lesson on Giving

Chapter Seven: Polka Dot Silk Lesson

Chapter Eight: Pom-Pom Stick Bible Lesson

Chapter Nine: Mad, Sad, Glad, Been Had ..A blendo

Chapter Ten: HABIT Paper Tear

Chapter Eleven: The Choice Is Yours

Chapter Twelve: Daniel And The Lions

Chapter Thirteen: Color Fusion - The Ingredients Of A Good Witness

Chapter Fourteen: Mis-Made Jesus Routine

Chapter Fifteen: Combination Christ Routine (God's plan for saving the world - Isaiah 9:6-7)

Chapter Sixteen: Reverse Christ (Change Bag)

Chapter Seventeen: A Clear Gospel Challenge (Crystal Cylinder and Silk Cabby)

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