Strong Gospel Magic Download






1   How to Use This Book

2  God Wants You To Be Miserable - No, He Doesn't!:   (Silk poke and Clown Silks)

4  Using the Silk Poke

7  A-B-C Stung - No Belief

10  Don't Go For a Ride on a Tiger:  (Tiger Lady effect)

13  How Many Gods Are There?:  (multi-colored rope link trick)

15  Habit: trick drawing leads from Habit to the Cross

19  Red and White Comedy Routine to Teach Fellowship:  (change bag)

22  Death Is Not the End:  (Thumb tip, drawer box or silk pedestal)

25  Who is Hanging Unto Who?:  (prayer vase)

28  Christ In You - You In Christ:  (Inner-Outer/Gozinta boxes)

30  Knots Off Silk - Sin Leaves Scars

33  You Can't Outgive God - (5 Rope Repeat)

35  Perfection Or Else:  (Discecto Illusion, or any Chopper Trick)

40  An Idea for the Vanishing Candle:  (candle & streamer)

41  A New Routine for the 20th Century Silks

44  Worm or Butterfly?:  (Crystal Silk Cylinder)

46  The Giant and Dwarf

49  Never Away From God -  (Jiffy Coin Trick)

51  Nothing Is Too Hard for God:  (Imp bottle)

53  Sin Is Foolishness:  (Forgetful Freddie)

55  A Mission Lesson With One Cent/Sent:  (Magical coin block)

57  The Temple of Benares:  (Gospel lesson for large illusion)

59  Conclusion

60  Other Books By The Author


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