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Changed Lives / The Legendary Feather Trick (Color Changing Plumes)


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This is a complete set of plumes that can be used in several different ways.

A routine for fun:
A feather is introduced and the audience is told this is the "Legendary Feather Trick". It is a legendary feather because it can change colors! The feather plumes change from one color to another.

As a gospel application:
The feathers are used to illustrate different people who's lives were changed when they met Jesus, as well as people who met Jesus and were given the opportunity to change but were not willing to make a change. The message is shared that every one of us are like these people. We hear the message of Jesus, but we must choose whether or not we will accept Jesus and allow Him to change our lives.

Incudes Instructional DVD, Stand, Changing Wand, and all needed feathers and supplies.

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