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The Production Box and Without Jesus Silk Set Combo


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Effect: A box is shown to the audience and appears to be completely empty. A picture representing Jesus (18" Jesus silk) is placed into the box. Then, a moment later, the box seems to be full! In this example, five different handkerchiefs are removed from the box. Then, a 16' rainbow streamer is produced.

Message: The emptiness of the box is an example of what life is like without Jesus. Nothing of long-lasting value. When the box is full it is like what a person has when Jesus is there: forgiveness, joy, hope, eternity in Heaven. And, the promise that God will never leave us.

Includes the following:
The Production Box
Without Jesus Silk Set: 2"x16' Rainbow Streamer, 18" Jesus Silk, 9" Purple Silk, 9" Yellow Silk, 9" Blue Silk, 9" White Silk and 9" Red Silk
Written setup, handling and presentation

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