A Christmas-themed Trick

Note: This is a presentation concept for you to use with your magic when doing educational and/or inspirational programs. I developed the routine in context of a Christmas-themed trick where a feather plume changes color.  However, I think you can use the concept with any trick where one thing changes into another.
The message is for a school show setting, but can be adapted to other circumstance. I hope you take time to read it and sense the power of the theme. It is something special in that it is fun, yet potentially life-changing.
What Happens?  
A green feather plume goes inside a magic wand…and nothing happens.  Finally, when there is a call for help, the green feather plume changes into a brightly colored plume.
How Is It Done?
This is a standard feather plume trick. A brightly colored feather shell is hidden inside the magic wand. The green feather trick passes through the wand and shell  inside several times, but eventually the shell is picked up to make the green feather seem to have changed color.
Here is a fun story about a green feather that wanted something special to happen.”  (Show the green feather plume.)
“It had noticed how green Christmas trees become brightly and beautifully decorated at Christmas and it wanted to look special too. It thought, Wouldn’t it be great if I could look like a wonderful Christmas tree!’
The feather decided the way for it to change was to get inside a magic wand. Inside a big magic wand it went. It stayed in there a while, but nothing happened!” (Place the green plume in the wand, then pull it out again to show it is still green.)
“It was disappointed about this. It decided to try again. Back into the wand it went.” (Place green feather back into the wand tube.) 
“When it was inside the wand, it heard someone say, ‘You should ask for help. You should ask someone to say some magic words!’”
“The feather said, ‘No, I can’t do that. I don’t want anyone to know I cannot do this by myself. I have a problem. I’m embarrassed that I can’t change on my own. I won’t ask for help.’” (Pull the plume out through the other end of the wand and show nothing has happened.)
“Since it would not ask for help, nothing changed.”
“Before I tell you what happened next, I must say there are people like this green feather. They need help, but are afraid to ask for it. They have problems. Things are not going well for them. Yet they do not tell anyone. Something bad might be happening in their lives, but they think this must be a secret.”
“Do you know what happens when we have problems but don’t tell anyone? Nothing happens. Things don’t get better. Things don’t change.”
“There is a lesson to learn here.” (Put the green feather back into the wand. This time let it remain in the multi-colored shell so a change will be seen.)
“When we need help, we should ask for it. There is nothing wrong with letting people know we have a problem. If something is hurting us, it should not be kept as a secret. When we let our needs be known, then people who care about us can help.”
“Watch what happened to the feather. It finally realized it should ask for help. When it was inside the wand again it said, ‘Hey everyone, could you say some magic words for me?’ Everyone shouted some magic words. Shall we do that? (Have audience say some magic words.)
“When people helped, something wonderful happened and the green feather suddenly was as beautiful as a Christmas tree.” (Show the colorful feather and the wand tube to be empty).
It is just a story, but what it teaches is good and true. Some problems are never solved, and some hurts never go away, until we reach out and ask people to help us. When we find out they do want to help, the next thing we need to do is accept the help they offer.
Final note: In a gospel setting, the message could be modified to the idea of asking God for help. Lives are not going to change until we reach out and ask God to change us. (“Whosover shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Romans 10:13)
Duane Laflin – November 2018
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