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Since 2002, internationally recognized Christian illusionists David and Teesha Laflin have entertained and inspired audiences all across the United States and in several foreign countries through their creative blend of both classic and cutting-edge illusions. Their programs have been featured at the NCAA Final Four, on TV and at numerous conferences and conventions throughout the world.

“David and Teesha connected with the oldest and youngest in our crowd!”
Brian Dollar — Children’s Pastor, First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, AR

“David & Teesha do what they do with excellence and are a joy to work with. Your families will love it!”
Andy Johnson — Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon, GA

More than simply entertainers, David and Teesha are also gifted speakers. They are quick to point out that everything they do is simply an illusion. Only God can do real miracles. The high-energy and fast-paced show that they present captivates audiences.

People simply cannot help but stop and pay close attention to what they are doing. As they watch the amazing things that happen, their attention also focuses in on the message David and Teesha share. Through their illusions, the reality of the love of God is revealed in a way that people of all ages connect with. And this is their ultimate goal. David and Teesha have a desire to bring families together for an experience they will never forget. An experience, that may just change their lives forever.


“David and Teesha are a class act. They bring professionalism and energy to all thaT they do. From illusion to family, dogs and audience participation you will be fully drawn to every part of their performance.”
Scott Denton, Bear Creek Baptist, Katy, TX

“David and Teesha Laflin are first rate performers. They are very entertaining as illusionists and powerful as ministers. Their warm and gentle spirit will deeply touch and bless your entire audience.”

Montie Mansur, CE Director, Agape Church, Little Rock, AR
“The most enjoyable moment was the way David and Teesha presented the Gospel. It was with a clarity that the youngest kid to the oldest grand-parent could understand.”
Jason Sikes, Recreation Pastor, Salem Baptist, McDonough, GA


David and Teesha had only been married for one year when God began to call them away from their jobs and give them a new direction. At the time they were living in Kansas. David was on staff at Ottawa University, and Teesha was working in the local school system. God had been heavily weighing the country of India on their hearts when an opportunity arose for them to go there and do mission work for two months. They were excited about the possibility, but they also knew it would require them to leave the safety and comfort of the careers they already had and enjoyed. After much prayer, David and Teesha made the decision to leave their jobs, move their possessions into storage and go to India.

In packing for India, David and Teesha decided to bring along some of the simple object lessons they had sometimes used in teaching Bible studies and other small events. Once they arrived in the country, they were quickly amazed at how God could use these unique ministry tools to attract people to come and listen to the Gospel, especially so many people who otherwise may have never listened.

They were quickly amazed at how God could use these unique ministry tools to attract people to come and listen to the Gospel, especially so many people who otherwise may have never listened.

Upon returning to the United States, David and Teesha had no idea what might be next; they tried to be patient and wait for God’s direction. During this time they also began to receive invitations to share their illusion ministry at a variety of churches. More and more opportunities came, while David and Teesha continued to pray that God would show them what was next for them. Nine months later, they finally realized that God had been showing them His plan all along.

David and Teesha now share the message of Jesus Christ through the art of illusion on a full-time basis and continue to devote time and resources each year to missions in foreign countries.




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