Gospel Routine for the Square Circle Effect

The Square Circle trick is a great trick…if handled properly. When not handled properly it can be pitiful. I encourage gospel magicians to use the Square Circle, but also challenge us all to make sure we know how to use it well.

Rather than about proper handling, this article is about the use of the prop in presenting a gospel lesson.  If you want to learn more about proper handling, it is one of the things we will demonstrate in the “Proper Handling Of Classic Apparatus” lecture at our upcoming Gospel Magic Day (June 8-9). We hope to video this lecture and make it available as quickly as possible.

The Lesson

“I have a collection of things to show you. These are things that remind us of all the blessings and benefits to be found in the life of a person who does not know the Lord. That’s right, if you do not know Jesus, here are the things you can be excited about!”

Indicate the outer square.

“I keep the things in this box.”

Lift up the box and show it empty.

“Can you see the wonderful things I have in this box. Are they not beautiful? Are they not exciting?”

Notice that the audience only sees an empty box.

“Oh, you cannot see anything.  My mistake.  I do not keep the things in the box, I keep them in this tube.”

Put the square back and pick up the tube. Show it empty.

“Yes, here they are. Look inside this tube. Isn’t it amazing how it is full of grand and glorious things. There is so much to be excited about!”

Notice that the audience is not impressed. They only see an empty tube.

“What?  There is nothing to see?  Maybe the things are in the box after all!”

Put down the tube and pick up the square again. Show it empty.

“No, I do not find the things here.”

Put down the square and pick up the tube again. Show it empty.

“I do not find the things here either.”

Put the square and tube (circle) back together.

“Actually, I did just show you all the grand and glorious things that fill the life of those who do not know the Lord…because there are not any such things. There is nothing to see because, without the Lord, life is not filled with blessings and benefits.  Without the Lord, life has no purpose and, in the end, will be totally wasted.”

“So let us talk about something different!  What do we find in the lives of those who do know and love the Lord?”

(Have some upbeat music begin to play.)

“There are those who think believers have nothing more to be excited about than do unbelievers.”

Show the square and tube as empty again.

“They think the Christian life is another empty experience, but they are wrong. They do not understand the true joy and blessings of knowing the Lord.”

Begin the production.  Use whatever production items you choose. Below is what I use and what I say…

Produce a large clown silk. “There is great happiness in knowing the Lord. I am not clowning around or joking about this. It is truly a happy thing to be a Christian.”

Produce a large butterfly silk. “There is the reality of a changed life. As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, so the Lord changes us to make us better persons who can live life in a way that is worthwhile.”

Produce a rubber orange.  “Because the Spirit of God is in our lives, we can have fruitful lives. We can do many good things.”

Produce a thirty-feet long silk streamer. “There are the many promises of God.  Even when going through challenging times, we know God keeps His word and works all things for good. Let this beautiful streamer remind us of a rainbow. A rainbow is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. There is so much strength in life for those who know the true and faithful God!”

Produce spring flowers.  “What a beautiful thing it is to be a Christian!”

Produce a rubber apple.  “Did I already tell you, the Christian life is a fruitful life?”

Produce a giant string of flags.  “It is the greatest thing in the universe to be a Christian. This is a message we should take to all nations.  No matter who you are or where you live…everyone is a person whom God loves and all people can experience everlasting life if they know the Lord.”

End the production with the revelation of a large color Jesus silk.  “Most of all, those who are believers have Jesus Christ in their hearts and lives!!”

Finish the production by asking the audience, “Are you one who knows the Lord?  Have you invited Jesus Christ into your life? Do not wait any longer to experience the wonderful reality of the Christian life!”

Note: I keep the production moving fast.  Although much is produced and something is said with each production item, I still convey the full message in just a few minutes.  My opinion is, a short powerful presentation is better than an extended wordy presentation.

Second Note:  Often, about half way through the production, I pause to show the tube and box empty yet again. I might say, “There are those who do not understand just how great it is to be a Christian. They do not know about the many blessings which belong to believers…but the blessings are there!”  (Then the production continues.)

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